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​What does our service do?

Our purpose is to sell radio airtime that would otherwise be considered unsold or remnant inventory, targeted at clients who are not regular advertisers. We never want to interfere with the efforts of your sales team. Therefore, our canvasses are designed to reach businesses such as manufacturers, contractors, trucking companies, etc. 

What kind of packages do we sell?

A business who purchases one of our Public Service Announcement packages is purchasing 30-60 seconds of commercial time for the particular campaign (blood donation, safe driving, prom and graduation, etc.) that features the business and portrays them as community-minded. Additional aspects of the business, such as the address, phone number, and a list of services can be added into the message as well, provided it does not exceed the allotted time limit for the spot. Each announcement can be tailored to the client's specifications.

What does our service cost to you?

Absolutely nothing. Our clients in the media industry will not encur a cost by using our services. We prepay all of our clients before any announcments are sold, and you are guaranteed payment on all announcements. When announcements are sold for your radio stations, we send you a package with the copy and the check. All you have to do is air the announcements on the days specified at the best available time.

Will this conflict with the efforts of your sales team?

Certainly not. We specifically target businesses that have not advertised before and would not be likely to advertise in the first place. In that way, we are able to provide added revenue without interfering with your regular advertisers or your account executives. It is NEVER our goal to take away revenue from your radio station or sales team.
In the case that one of our sales people comes into contact with someone who is a regular advertiser with your station, we simply apologize for the overcall, explain that they are restricted from our campaigns, and assure them that their regular rep with the station is going to take great care of them! 
We also encourage potential customers to verify our legitimacy with your radio station and to look us up as accredited with the Better Business Bureau in Illinois.

How long do our campaigns last?

Our campaigns are run periodically throughout the year. While some are seasonal, such as holiday drunk driving prevention and prom and graduation safety, others can be run any time of the year. 
Generally, a business will purchase 3-6 days worth of announcements, although some may decide to go with two-day shows, or longer campaigns.

How can you get started with us?

It's pretty simple! Once you decide to use our services, we ask that you sign an agreement upon the services with us, for your protection. Then, we simply ask for a list of restricted clients, so that we do not interfere with your sales efforts. That's it! We'll get our sales team to work for you right away, and send you a package a week before the announcements are set to air. You simply provide your traffic department or DJs with the copy and air the announcements as they are scheduled. 

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